iOS 11

iOS 11 Release Date

iOS 10 was released officially in September, 2016, though the first beta version of the platform was floated in July, 2016. Not only with iOS 10 but with the previous versions of this platform also Apple has followed the same trend. Therefore, we can easily assume that it is going to follow the same trend the coming year as well. If that be the case, then we can expect the beta version of iOS 10 to be released from the month of July, 2017 and ultimately the platform will be launched in September, 2017 along with the next generation flagship smartphone from the house of Apple.

Add On Features Expected in iOS 11
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the world of technology that has a huge demand in the global market. However, in iOS 10 platform Apple developers didn’t integrate a special VR service to make it compatible with the phone. On the contrary, Apple’s strongest rival Google has went a long way in this genre. Rumor has it that Google is going to launch Daydream VR along with its next generation Android platform. Therefore, we are definitely expecting Apple to integrate the VR technology in the next generation platform i.e. iOS 11.

Better Siri3

Every year Apple comes up with a better and more efficient Siri, and iOS 10’s Siri was no exception to this. First of all, Siri has become a part of Mac system as well and now it has become compatible with third party apps. Therefore, now users can use Siri for sending messages using Whatsapp or WeChat, or can users can use Siri to call cabs from services like Uber, Lyft etc. So next year with the launch of iOS 11 we are expecting the platform compatible with more and more third party apps like Instagram, SnapChat etc.

More Scope for Customization
In iOS 10 the control center has become a lot more flexible, than what it was in the previous version of the OS. However, they have not given full liberty yet, which is available to the Android users. The Android users have the option of customizing the control center according to need. Therefore, we hope that the next generation iOS will come with options for customizing the control center.

Safe Apple Pay

Apple Pay is Apple’s own digital wallet which is only available in the latest product range of this brand. This digital wallet is not 100% safe and secured for making payments. Hackers have already devised a way to hack customers’ credit and debit card information from the Apple Pay users. Therefore, we are expecting Apple to tighten the security of the Apple Pay so that users can make the best use of it.

Make The Phone Smarter

Replying directly from the notification centre is one feature which we would definitely like to see in iOS 11. As of now, it is only available for iMessages but we would like the same to be extended to other apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Messengers and others. Android users already have this facility, so we would love to have this feature updated in iOS 11.

Better Battery Management

Smartphone users have loads of trouble with the battery of their phone. This is all the more so for the iPhone users as none of the iPhone released till now have more than 3000mAh battery. Android platform has already come with a solution to deal with this problem by introducing the Doze mode. In the Doze Mode the phone automatically realizes when it is in the pocket or bag, or when the users is not using the gadget for a long time and turn on the battery saving mode automatically. In this way the battery life of the gadget can be extended for a long time. We would expect Apple developers to integrate like features in iOS 11 that would help in extending the battery life of the gadget.

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