Controlling your MOBILE from PC, a special trick

Airdroid: an app to control or to give remote access to your mobile to a selected PC and what I feel is its a good secured and protective way of controlling without losing privacy.

This is how you do this:

1. Installing  Airdroid  From the website for your mobile.
2. Then sign up and have a strong password.    
3. The video shows in detail how to do it.                     

4. This is the important step, ON the USB debugging in your mobile and by clicking the about phone in settings and next click the build number continuously then developer mode is on.

5. Go the setting and search "USB DEBUGGING and on it "

6. This video show in detail how to do it.

7. make sure your computer  and phone is connected with a USB cable 
8. Download the software from the same Airdroid website for windows as done in video

Finally, the mission is accomplished. for more tech-related videos and info visit

NEXT video on wireless control of the same Airdroid


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