Make you Windows look classic .



1. Install Rainmeter & Nexus Dock (Included).

2. Configure:

 a) Nexus Dock:

    . After installation is finished, click on "nexus" icon on desktop.

    . Go to "Advanced" Tab, and click "Restore" from the bottom.

    . Locate The Nexus Dock Config File (Included).

 b) Clock (Rainmeter):

    .After installation is finished, you will see widgets on the desktop.

    .Remove the widgets by Right-Click > Unlink. (Do this for all default widgets)

    .Copy The Folder "Mond" From "3. Config Files" to "Documents\Rainmeter\Skins".

    .Open Rainmeter, Click "Refresh all" from the bottom-left section.

    .Expand the Folder "Mond" from the list (inside Rainmeter).

    .Expand "Clock", and Double-Click on "Clock.ini".

   . Expand "Player", and Double-Click on "Player.ini".

3. By now, you should have the Icons Dock, Clock and Media Player set up.

4. To add Icons on the Dock, Drag any Shortcut File to the Dock.

5. Clean-Up:

a) Hide Desktop Icons:

    > Right-Click On Desktop -> View -> Uncheck "Show Desktop Icons".

 b) Hide Taskbar:

    > Right-Click On Taskbar -> Taskbar Settings -> Check "Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode".

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