My views on how the next generation laptop or smartphone should be?

 In the present situation, smartphones have reached their pinnacle. Nowadays when we upgrade phones we don't feel much difference.  

For example, a snapdragon 865 and a snapdragon 865+ doesn't create a difference while using it in a realtime but testing may show some differences. I generally find more differences in the Operating system, because they fix the bugs and make it feel better than the previous version. 

My idea on how to improve smartphones to the next level:

                                                                                   According to me, the dual phones attached models like fold models of Samsung, the surface duo of Microsoft will create the next generation because it can replace both smartphone and a laptop in all aspects such as camera, processor and etc., but it's a little expensive now, future it may come into a reasonable market price. 

These make a lot of differences when compared to a laptop or a smartphone there must be modifications done. 

In what aspects should it be modified?

1. The first primary objective is the interface. UI (User interface)must be created in a way that it can replace laptops and mobiles in all aspects.

2. The second objective will be the design of the models should be good and be easily compatible with our daily usage

3. Security and Privacy must be at the maximum level because this device must replace the laptop as well as a smartphone

4. The Resolution must be improved than the size fo screen.

5. Prices must be reasonable and affordable.

6. At last, the phone when upgraded to the verision2 must produce some good difference and the modifications must be very useful in the real world.

If the future models fulfil all the modifications then it must be the next-generation technology of laptops and mobiles.


To be continued.....

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