Samsung replaced laptops !!!!

Samsung has released its latest tablet series the Samsung s7 series. It provide good results than any other tablet ever provides let's check out what's special in that Series.



The tablet comes with an 11inch screen/12.4 inch screen and 120HZ refresh rate. it drives the snapdragon 865+ in India (the fastest tablet till date) chipset, thank god it's not the Exynos 990, but some regions this tab is varying in chips. It comes in two variants 6/8 GB ram 128GB/256GB/512GB of storage. The S7+ has a super AMOLED display and 10,090mAh battery whereas the S7 has LTPS LCD and 8,000mAh battery

Both have expandable memory up to 1TB


These will be available in three colours,

  1. Mystic bronze
  2. Mystic silver
  3. Mystic Black

Then the improved new Spen with an ultra-low latency it feels very smooth for writing. 


  • Single Take
  • Night Mode
  • Night
  • Hyperlapse

Both come with 45W super-fast charger and a USB C-type. We get a free subscription for limited premium apps like youtube premium, Canava pro.

Why it would replace the laptops?

This tab excels in all aspects of gaming, designing, real-life use like its also assures the eye protection. when Keyboard has connected the UI changes as a computer and S-pen excels in the field of designing and some gestures.

The Samsungs DeX which helps to multitask apps in the tablet and we can connect our tablet screen into any tv with the help of a cable. We can also mirror our tablets screen into a laptop which is running on windows 10 by using the link to windows option. Gaming is very smooth and all games can be played at the highest graphics level because of its the Snapdragon 865+ chipset. This tablet is the fastest tablet of all android tablets.


 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7:699USD/62000INR(expected)

 Samsung Tab S7 Plus:8999USD/72000INR(expected)

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