Top 3 Free antivirus for the latest build of windows 10


I would consider this antivirus first because it stops spyware and viruses and malware, and shows a notification when we move into unsafe web links, and while I test it on my pc it shows the best and fastest results. I purposefully tested my laptop with a virus it found the virus within seconds and shows me a notification. This is all free of cost


  • Real-time protection 
  • Web and Email Protection

2. Bitdefender

Generally when I install an antivirus. The computer generally slows down but after installing this I did  not feel any difference in speed and it scans fast and spots all malware and ransomware processes. This is free software and if you want the ultra protection you can upgrade it 

its feature is:

  • Real-time Shield -
  • Active Virus Control 
  • Intrusion Detection System 

3.Panda free antivirus:

 when I test this in my laptop scored exceptionally well in my tests, with a 100% virus detection rate. Laptops speed slows down, But it has more feature for a free version such as:

  • Real-time Antivirus & Anti-spyware.
  • Behavioural analysis protection.
  • Process Monitor.
  • URL & web filtering.
  • Free VPN – 150Mb/day from automatic location.

This is good but the only problem is speed going down , But  all other features working well  and has more options



General terms


Malware: It is the collective name for a number of malicious software variants, including viruses, ransomware and spyware

Real-time protection: Real-time protection helps keep your computer free of malware, including viruses, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, and Trojans.

VPN: Virtual private network

Intrusion Detection System:  It monitors network traffic for suspicious activity and issues alert when such activity is discovered.

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