What makes a good camera?

 Hey guys, today. I'm going to talk about a topic like cameras generally nowadays for 13,000Rs, We get a 48 mp camera. Cameras are good for getting about more megapixels is very good. Nowadays. We get 48MP camera ,108 MP camera ,64 MP camera . But my question is what's the difference between them? some 48MPs are far better than 64 MP but why? Generally, the numbers fool your mind, and its the greatest trick of marketing.

For example that Google pixel is just a 12.2mp camera that too a single camera but takes good shots and 4k videos when compared to many of the phones of higher range .it totally depends upon the picture blending and stabilization and some hardware properties.

 I mean how the camera optimizes the image? The general idea of marketing is if it's for a higher number of megapixels then it’s a good camera but no one compares with other phones literally.

Questions asked

1.iPhone is for a greater price but the camera’s MegaPixel is too low but whereas some of the phones sold for 14000 have a 48 MP camera?

Everyone here speaks about the numbers but what about the quality .iPhone produce photos with higher micron pixel than average android phones. Generally, camera performance means a combination of hardware and software. Hardware includes the lens, hardware used for image processing, sensor, and the smartphone screen where you see the photos.  

The software includes the image processing itself, the camera app, and built-in photo editing capabilities, which is where companies can vary significantly from one another even when the same hardware is used between two manufacturers.


when we a say shutter opens it first captures light, while this happens a little movement can smear your image. That too when the shutter is opened for a long time while shooting at night this is the area where stabilizations play a major role.

OIS(optical image stabilization: OIS is hardware that detects the movement and adjusts the camera system accordingly with the help of a micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) gyroscope. Some of the phones which have OIS are apple iPhone, one plus 8 series , Vivo x50, one plus Nord, Samsung S20 and etc.

EIS (electronic image stabilizations): EIS minimizes blurring and compensates for device shake, often a camera by using electronic processing.

Which is better EIS or OIS?

Usually, EIS is best for videos because it worked in a perspective manner that we do in photoshop. This is how it works 

See here it goes on with the perspective as we take videos and make it good.

 OIS is good for photos because it goes on with gyroscope and the camera adjusts itself. This is how it works 

See as we shake the phone camera positions get adjusted with the help of a gyroscope

 I hope we understood what tricks are made in numbers on the camera. Don’t go by numbers go by the quality of the image. check out both the hardware and software because a good camera means a good combo of both hardware and software

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