Two facts that people never know?

 What's special in one plus 8 PRO's display?

Pixels consist of three colours RED GREEN BLUE. When displaying an image the pixels use the combinations of colours to be more specific the shades of colour.

In each phone pixels, each colour can display 256 shades of itself(RED-256 GREEN-256 BLUE-256). The combination will provide 16M colours(256*256*256)

But the one plus 8 pro's pixels, each colour can display 1024 shades of itself making it a combination of 1024*1024*1024 which equals one billion colours (approx). Which makes a good Difference in viewing HD photos or videos that's why One plus 8 PRO is still on the top.

Why is iPhone camera Megapixel is low but it has good photographic options?

Sensor and image processing is at its best, generally, Light enters through the camera lens, then passes to the camera sensor, which receives the information and translates it into an electronic signal. From there, the image processor creates the image and fine-tunes it to correct for a typical set of photographic flaws, like noise. 

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