Windows 11 Leaked!! Do you wanna try it? Here is How ?


How to install Windows 11 leaked version?



Note: Before you go ahead and install Windows 11 on your PC or laptop, we would like to make it clear that this is a leaked Windows 11 build. The Windows 11 build #21996 linked below does not officially come from Microsoft. It does not include all of the rumoured new features, could be riddled with bugs, and render your computer unusable if not installed properly. So, we suggest you proceed with caution and install this leaked Windows 11 build on a secondary device if possible.


Downloading the files:


Click the button to download the iso file of the leaked Windows 11

Steps 1:


 Once you have downloaded the leaked version of Windows 11, use the Rufus tool to make a bootable USB, make sure you have a USB thumb drive at least 16GB storage space, follow this image for setting up and choose the proper ISO downloaded




Step 2:

Now, let the Rufus finish its process and when the process is done, plug out the Pendrive and restart the computer



Step 3:

Next while loading up press the boot key continuously according to your laptop and then from the Boot device options, select the USB thumb drive on which you just flashed the leaked Windows 11 build.


Step 4:

Finally, the Windows 11 installer will start............................. enjoy windows 11, custom your hard-drive space by using custom option and install and enjoy 😉.

windows 11 setup process

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